Information to Share:
• We live in the United States and cheer on Team USA in the Olympics.
• The colors of the flag are red, white and blue.
• The flag has 13 red and white stripes and 50 stars.
• About 550 Olympic athletes will compete for Team USA in 30 different sports.

Questions to ask (choose from these or come up with your own):
• Which color do you like best – red, white or blue?
• How high can you count?
• Can you count 13 stripes?
• Can you count 50 stars?

Practice at Home – Skill of the Week:
Biceps – This large muscle in your arm helps you lift up and down. Do arm curls. Arms out straight in front, then close fist and lift hand to shoulder, open again. Eventually add some type of weight to this action…canned goods can work as hand weights!

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