Week 7 – Olympic Medals

WEEK 7 – Olympic Medals

Information to Share:

• The first place medal is Gold. The second place medal is Silver. The third place medal is Bronze.
• USA has won the most Olympic medals of all of the countries.
• Medals are awarded for both team and individual competitions.
• Over 2000 medals will be awarded at the Rio Olympics.

Questions to ask (choose from these or come up with your own):
• What shape are the medals?
• Which color do you like best: gold, silver, bronze?
• How does an Olympian win a gold medal? (by finishing 1st place as a team and/or by finishing 1st in an individual event)
• How many medals are awarded for each competition?

Practice at Home – Skill of the Week:
Safety Fall – Good for all ages! Everyone needs to learn how to fall down safely. Sitting and rolling backwards with arms safely in front or overhead will keep children from a possible injury. Practice this sequence (and be sure hands are out front or overhead – do NOT use hands to brace a fall): jump, land, sit and roll backwards. We want children to be safe at the gym, at the park and at home!

Books to Read:
G is for Gold Medal
How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals
Olympic Gold #2: Inspiring, Motivational and Insightful Quotes from Olympic Medal Winners
Gold Medal Threat (Casey Clark Mysteries Book 1)

Coloring Pages:
Gold Medal
Olympic Medals

Crafts and Fun:
Edible Medals
Olympic Medals Craft
Salt Dough Olympic Medals