2017 Gymnastics Team Tryouts

2017 Gymnastics Team Tryouts

Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Cost: $25

Team tryouts are open to all Intermediate and Advanced Recreational Gymnastics students.

Participation is mandatory for placement in our team program, but team placement is not guaranteed.
If your daughter has already competed a season through USA Gymnastics, please contact us directly rather than enrolling for tryouts.

Please register online (below), or register with the office or by phone at 740-549-3547.

Registration ends Friday, April 28th.

What skills does my daughter need to have to tryout?

There are various levels of developmental (pre-team) and competitive teams. Each level has different skill requirements, so there isn’t a specific list of skills to share. Tryouts can be viewed as an “evaluation” to determine if your child would fit into one of those levels. Students in intermediate and advanced recreational classes are invited to tryouts.

My daughter might be nervous. What do I tell her to expect?
Tryouts run more like a camp. She will not see a panel of judges watching her perform individually. The girls will rotate through each event in groups with similar ages and skill levels, similar to a class or practice. They will already know how to do some of the skills, and may try new skills. It is not a high pressure environment at all. Worst case, she attends, receives 3 hours of instruction, and has fun!

If my daughter makes a developmental or competitive team, what time and cost is involved, and when will we find out the results from tryouts?
This answer depends on which level your daughter is placed. About a week or so after tryouts, you will receive an email with your daughter’s placement (rec class recommendation, or which level of developmental or competitive team). If your daughter is placed on a developmental or competitive team, you will also receive details regarding practice hours and tuition fees, along with other team information. After reviewing those details, you have the option of accepting or declining the offer.

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