Why can’t I find the dates for this session?
We register students with continuous enrollment. This means you are not limited to signing up for a specific session. We’ve simplified the process so that you can enroll at any time with a simple monthly tuition payment.

When can we enroll?
With our continuous enrollment, you may join a class at any time! Monthly tuition is pro-rated based on your start date. Classes fill on a first to sign up basis.

How do I enroll my child in a class?
We highly encourage you to enroll online. You may also stop by during office hours, or call us at 740-549-FLIP(3547). To enroll online…
New Members – Enroll Online
Current (or previous) Members – Member Login

Can we enroll in more than one class?
Absolutely! In fact, we offer 40% off your child’s second class and 50% off your child’s third class. Siblings receive a 10% discount off monthly tuition.

What should my child wear to class?
• A one-piece leotard – any color
• T-shirt (tucked in) and shorts
• No buttons, snaps, zippers, rings, watches, necklaces or bracelets
• Only post earrings are allowed
• Hair must be tied back

How do I know when my child is ready to move up in skill level?
Each class has specific skills that need to be mastered at each level before moving up to the next level. We keep a checklist on each gymnast and will let you know when we feel your child is ready to move up to the next level. Every child‘s development is different, so please do not be discouraged if it takes a little while to move up.

Can I watch my child’s class?
Yes, parents are welcome to watch classes from the viewing area. Please refrain from talking to your child during class.

What if we miss a class?
Make-up classes can be scheduled with the office AFTER a class is missed. Gym X-Treme will do our best to accommodate your make-up class request. However, due to class schedules and enrollment numbers, make-up classes are based on availability. There is no re-scheduling of make-ups. Make-ups must be used while you are actively enrolled in classes. Make-ups are not valid if a student is not enrolled and may not be used to extend enrollment. If you choose to suspend your enrollment, you forfeit any available make-up classes. Neither refunds nor credits will be given for missed classes. An Open Gym pass may also be used in place of a make-up class.

What if we need to switch the day and/or time of our class?
You may transfer to another class day and time based on availability. Gym X-Treme reserves the right to add, cancel, or modify classes.

What if we need to take some time off from class?
If you would like to suspend your enrollment, please fill out a form with the office by the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month’s tuition. If you do not complete this form by the 15th, your child will remain enrolled and tuition fees will not be refunded.

How are monthly tuition payments handled?
A valid credit card is required for registration. Your credit card will be charged initially upon enrollment (once reviewed for any adjustments), and then on the 1st business day of the month thereafter. If you wish to use another form of payment, your payment must be received before the 1st business day of the month to avoid the auto-pay process. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, checks and cash.

Is it safe to have my credit card on file?
Our credit card processing system is PCI Compliant (which means our software follows strict procedures to reduce credit card fraud). Your entire card number is never displayed by our system, and we do not ask for, nor store the security code on the back of your card. Your credit card number is securely stored and encrypted by our credit card processor (it is not stored at the gym). Our payment processor also provides an additional measure of security by vaulting credit card details. When a family’s credit card number is entered and saved in our database, it is immediately transmitted securely (in an encrypted state) to the credit card processing company. They add the new customer and credit card number to its vault. A Vault ID is sent back to our database, and it replaces the credit card number on file. When we process a payment for a family using a card saved on file, only the Vault ID is transmitted with the transaction, no credit card information is sent.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes! You may take advantage of our Referral Rewards as often as you like! Receive a $20 referral credit for each new family that you send our way. You may redeem multiple referral credits at the same time. (So, if you refer 4 families, you will earn $80 toward your recreational class or team tuition payment!) Referral credits are valid toward tuition only. Credits are awarded after the new family completes the registration and payment process.

Are there any camps or clinics available?
Summer Camp is one of our favorite events! Watch for details on our website, newsletter and social media. Clinics, camps and other special events will also be announced on the website, in the newsletter and on social media.

What if I have a concern?
If you have a question or problem, please do not interrupt a class. You can speak with your child’s coach after class or call us at 740-549-3547.